Sunday, October 16, 2011

Arithmetic’s course

Some people disagree when their children study in arithmetic’s course, it’s because they don’t know the advantage of it. Actually, if they know what their children should get from it, maybe they will be effort to participate their children into this course. Some advantages for children are prepare children for real world math,  learning to compute mentally,   calculate efficiently, to know when accuracy is essential and when estimates will suffice.
Arithmetic can prepare children for real world math. Most of the daily situations that require arithmetic call for more than merely counting. For example, we need to problem-solve in order to decide on the numbers to use or which operation to choose.
Learning to compute mentally is an essential skill. We do many of our daily arithmetic calculations mentally, such as when we keep track of what we put in the supermarket cart so we don't go over the $20 we have, when we divide a check at a restaurant, or when we double a recipe that calls for 3/4 of a cup of broth. Usually we don't reach for paper and pencil, but figure in our heads.
To calculate efficiently, it's important to know basic facts. Students should have math facts at their fingertips before they leave elementary school, such as addition and subtraction combinations to 20, multiplication tables to 12 x 12, and related division facts. Students learn some of the facts easily, such as adding 1 to any number or doubling numbers. Still, memorization is necessary to learn all of the facts.
To know when accuracy is essential and when estimates will suffice. When we balance our checkbooks or make change, accuracy is important. But in many situations, estimates will do, such as when we double the amount of broth for a recipe or measure fertilizer for the lawn. Sometimes estimates are the only answers possible, such as when contractors bid for jobs, business owners figure margins of profit, or school districts predict the next year's budget.
The advantage those make children can be preparing for real world mathematics, they can calculating efficiently and accuracy. So, I suggest for some people don’t worry, because they not be loss out. I recommended to them, they should for children to study in arithmetic’s course.
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